Concerned Man - The Guide to Buying Annuities


The Guide to Buying Annuities

How to make the best annuity choice
Different types of annuities and where to invest
Fixed vs variable annuities—what's the difference?
Understanding the tax you pay on annuities
Retirement annuities—income for life
Tax sheltered income—annuities or tax free bonds for your money?
Pay one premium and have long-term care insurance for life
How to know which annuity insurance company to trust
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Buying Annuities:

The key features to look for when buying annuities are:

  • - Annuities With Low Risk Factor

  • - Select Tax Free Annuity Plans

  • - Annuities to Protect Your Future

Annuities are worth the money, but many of them are flawed & packed with hidden fees which makes them absolutely horrible investments for retirement income. Before buying annuities avoid the lies, misrepresentations & ripoffs that await uninformed investors. You'll know all of your needs about fixed & variable, deferred, immediate and managed vs indexed annuities, inflation protected and tax deferred annuities & much more about the annuity plans you have to select for investments.

We, at Buying Annuities, define long term care & other retirement plans from big insurance companies for you to selecting the best available solution and provides crucial information about death benefits, joint & survivor annuities, alternatives to annuities, assessing annuity risk, avoiding scams & even how to escape from a bad annuity you've already purchased with our free booklet "The Guide to Buying Annuities" by a simple registration with us. Unlike other books on buying annuities, this one is easy to read, use, to compare annuities plans you need to buy. it is the only free book you need to buy an annuity.